The spring and summer racing season will be here before you know it. Doing hard workouts by yourself in dark, wet winter conditions sucks.

Doing it with a group of dedicated runners makes it suck less!

Push your limits with a fun, supportive group of like minded runners in this speed clinic from January 23 - April 30, 2020 in North Vancouver.

  • Goal Specific Workouts

    Hills & track workouts appropriate for your goal race distance from 5k to trail ultras. You'll train in a group but have your own specific workouts.

  • Professional Coaching

    Follow proven workouts to get you ready for your specific goals led by a coach with Masters degree in Exercise Science & 20 years exerperience working with runners of all levels.

  • Supportive Group

    Train with a like minded group who support each other so that everyone performs their best. Plus we'll have some fun socials after some runs.

  • Innovative Workouts

    Work on your speed, running economy and form to become faster, have increased endurance and be more resiliant.

  • Thanks for the great clinic Curb. I’m certain intervals in the pouring rain had a lot to do with me achieving a personal best of 3:26:49. I found the group and you in particular very motivational and I looked forward to my Tuesday workout.
    Nick Wilcox
  • I look forward to every Tuesday night! As a former national team athlete, these workouts and program have provided me with the competitive outlet I have been missing since retiring from int'l play. With Curb’s guidance and support, I have been able to correct some muscular imbalances, bump up my mileage, and increase my cadence – even on easy runs!
    Lisa Roberts
  • My experience being coached by Curb has been exceptional. He was with me every step of the way, always intuitive, and always had the right thing to say to get the most out of me and my workouts. Like all good coaches he told me when to back off too and taught me self-care along the way. I have learned a lot about myself through Curb’s training program. I continue to get better and to push myself in ways I never thought possible.
    Lisa Scherba
  • I’ve really enjoyed training with Coach Curb! His program design and coached track sessions are easy to understand and accomplish, while pushing just hard enough to see continuous improvement. I’m confident his focus on strength and recovery have helped me run injury free for the last few years. The track workouts are fun, Curb’s design allows all levels of runners to train together towards their individual goals. Whether you’re looking to formalize your training and hit a stretch goal or just looking for a coach and group to get you running every week, I highly recommend Coach Curb!
    Krista Dosen

Only $125 (plus GST) for 4 months of professionally coached training.

Group workouts held every Thursday at 6:15 p.m. in North Vancouver. Locations will vary depending on the phase of training (hills, track, tempo, etc.)

Register by Jan. 23 to secure your spot.

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