End Confusion About Your Nutrition

With so much conflicting nutritional information, it's no wonder runners are confused about what to eat to run their best and be healthy.

Many runners I worked with were asking similar questions about nutrition and making the same mistakes.

  • Not fueling properly for their workouts.
  • Having gut issues during races.
  • Eating out too often and eating too much processed food.
  • Struggling with getting down to their racing weight.
  • Not eating enough for recovery leaving them feeling flat and tired.
  • Following the latest diet fad.

To help my coaching clients I created the science based Personal Best Nutrition Course that gives them everything they need to improve their nutrition and be able to run to their potential.

Gathering information from the credible sports nutrition researchers and endurance coaches, I put it together into a simple system any runner could use.

Whether your goal is to nail Boston Marathon qualifier, race a rugged mountain stage race or simply run for health & enjoyment this course will help you.

Quick & Easy

Designed to be easy to digest, you can go through this course quicker than reading a book.

Take the guesswork out of your nutrition using a simple system to improve your eating habits. 

Learn how to:

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Course is 100% digital.

Access from your computer, phone or tablet.

What's Included?

  • Daily Nutrition Manual

    How to eat on a daily basis to improve health, performance and weight loss.

  • Fueling Manuals

    How to eat to fuel training and racing for maximum performance from 10km to ultramarathons.

  • 120+ Tasty Recipes

    10+ recipe books which include sample meal plans and shopping lists.

  • Nutrition for Illness and Injury Guides

    How to use nutriton to speed recovery from colds and flus or from an injury.

  • Sports Nutrition Calculator

    Accurately determine the amount of supplements to use for maximum performance.

  • Supplement Guide

    What supplements really work for performance and health.

  • Plus Many More Guides

    Guides for eating out, drinking alcohol, stop overeating junk food and more!

  • Coaching Videos

    Learn how to apply the info to your lifestyle and dietary preferences.

  • Women's Needs Guide

    Addresses the unique needs of women and how to use nutrition to suit female physiology.

  • Macronutrient Calculator

    Determine exactly how much protein, fats & carbs to eat to during off-season, pre-season & racing season.

  • Hydration Manual

    How to hydrate properly for different conditions and strategies for dealing with the heat.

  • Bulletproof Your Gut Manual

    Help reduce symptoms of IBS if you suffer from this condition plus bonus low FODMAP recipes.

  • Meal Prep Guide

    Makes prepping your meals easy and simple.

  • Download All Resources

    All guides and manuals are in PDF format so easy to download and view anywhere.

Special Launch Price
$69 (Cdn)

Fuel properly for workouts and races.

Train your body to use both fats & carbs efficiently.

Maximize recovery between workouts.

Avoid bonking & over or under hydrating.

Improve your daily eating habits.

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