Push your limits with a fun, supportive group of like minded runners.

Early bird rate of only $175 covers training from May 16 until the end of the year.

Membership includes:

  • Personalized Workouts and Programs

    You'll receive training programs and workouts suitable to your level and goals.

  • Professional Instruction

    Club is led by a professional coach with a Master's degree in Exercise Science and experienced runner who's raced from 5km to 50km.

  • Supportive Group

    Train with a like minded group who support each other so that everyone performs their best.

  • Innovative Workouts

    Go beyond just speed work with form drills and strength exercises designed to make you a resiliant runner.

  • Thanks for the great clinic Curb. I’m certain intervals in the pouring rain had a lot to do with me achieving a personal best of 3:26:49. I found the group and you in particular very motivational and I looked forward to my Tuesday workout.
    Nick Wilcox
  • Curb has really helped me focus on the right amount of training in the right training zones in order to maximize efficiency and results while allowing me to still life a full and complete life.
    Sean Verret
  • I've not only gotten faster in my half marathon by 20 minutes but I've done so by getting more efficient and now have less pain and soreness post-training and post-race.
    Eric Lorenz

Group workouts held every Tuesday at 6 p.m. beginning May 16.

Locations will be a various spots in Vancouver depending on the phase of training (hills, track, tempo, etc.)

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